Detail Services

Full Detail

  • Engine compartment, plastics, strut towers, and all painted surfaces under hood are degreased and properly dressed with a water based dressing
  • All door jams and trunk jams are degreased and cleaned accordingly
  • Exterior of vehicle is hand washed with a non-degreasing non-wax stripping special formulated car wash soap
  • Exterior painted surfaces are gone over with a high grade nonabrasive clay bar to remove all rail road dust, overspray, road grime, bug guts and road tar
  • Wheels, wheel wells and tires are cleaned then dressed
  • All exterior painted surfaces are buffed to remove any and all scratches that are removable followed by a polish and a high grade wax to bring all exterior painted surfaces to a high gloss swirl free finish
  • Interior carpets, floor mats, trunk mats, seats, door pockets, all components, and center consoled are vacuumed
  • All removable stains on headliner, visors, carpets, seats, floor mats and trunk mats will be extracted and removed
  • Interior plastics, door panels, dash, gauge cluster, air vents, glove compartment, and center console will be cleaned of all dust, dirt, removable scuff marks and then dressed accordingly
  • Seats, carpet, floor mats and trunk mats are re-vacuumed to remove any remaining dust, dirt or any other contaminants
  • Windows cleaned to a crystal clear finish inside and out
  • Final inspection and finishing detail touches are performed before returning to customer

Special Application Services

  • Full color/wet sanding – Call Billy for Estimate
  • Bio hazard cleanup – Call Billy for Estimate
  • Desert pin striping removal – Call Billy for Estimate

Mini & Auto Detail

  • Exterior of vehicle hand washed
  • Door jams and trunk jams wiped down
  • Wheels, wheel wells, and tires are cleaned then dressed
  • Exterior painted surfaces are waxed to produce a high gloss finish
  • Interior plastics, door panels, door pockets, dash, and center console all wiped clean of dust and dirt
  • All carpets, seats, floor mats, and trunk mats are vacuumed
  • Windows cleaned to a crystal clear finish inside and out
  • Final inspection before returning to customer

Service Wash

  • Exterior of vehicle is hand washed
  • Interior carpets, seats, and floor mats vacuumed • Windows are cleaned inside and out
  • Cars starting at $30

Extra Auto Detailing Services

  • Headlight restoration
  • Tail light restoration
  • Window tint removal
  • Color/wet sanding
  • Water spot removal (Acid wash). This is a service that requires a Full Detail or Mini Detail in order for the process to work.